1 3 20.37 13.74

*TTT- Truck Turnaround Time in Minutes, *CTT - Container Turnaround Time in Minutes

**DG IN YARD - 23/07/2024**

23/07/2024 16:30

Attention Carriers,

The following import hazardous containers are currently in the yard awaiting pick up:

CAIU4144862 CMA CSLU1510125 COS CSLU1725484 COS CSNU1363356 COS DFSU1187395 OOL DFSU4132502 CMA FFAU3360575 OOL OOCU7627040 OOL OOCU8376377 OOL OOLU0429353 COS SEGU2041414 COS TEMU2974252 COS

If the units overstay the allowable time limits as governed by the Port Authority of New South Wales, relevant infringement notices will be issued. Please arrange pickup of these HAZ units as soon as possible.

For more information contact landsidecoordinator.sictl@hutcshisonports.com.au or call 1800 472 000

Contship Yen - Receivals CLOSED

23/07/2024 11:36

Att Carriers

Please be advised recievals have been closed due to vessel delay

Monitor portal for new details



Yard Hours W/E 28.7.24

18/07/2024 13:41

Attn: Carriers

Please be advised the following shifts will not be in Operation due to low Import Volumes

24.07.24 - NIGHT SHIFT 22:00 - 06:00

25.07.24 - NIGHT SHIFT 22:00 - 06:00

Please update your Schedules accordingly

Thank you


Block 3 back in service

15/07/2024 11:51

Please be advised, Block 3 is now back in service. Head to entry gates and proceed as normal. Thank you

**DAB - Driver Amenities Block & Truck Booths**

15/04/2024 18:30

Attn: Carriers

Please be advised drivers have access to the Drivers Amenities Block with Toilet and TAS (Terminal Appointment System access).

Please ensure to use these facilities and not the truck booths, if any driver caught vandalising or urinating in Truck Booth will be banned from terminal.

Thank you for your understanding.


Truck Allocator and Driver Helpful Tips

12/07/2023 11:09

Dear Carriers, Please note the following information

8:45 All Import Appointments

9:30 All Export Appointments

Operational Hours Sunday 2359-2200 Friday .*Ad hoc Shifts will be placed on where required.

1. **Manifesting from the same ASC Block is ideal where possible to avoid delays with containers having to be moved into a single block for your truck to collect, utilise the Tagging Feature **

2. Avoid manifesting from a manual location and an ASC in one truck visit. If this is not possible, the earlier you can manifest the more opportunity the Terminal has to consolidate your containers to the same location

3. All manifests must be finalised 15 minutes prior to time zone start. If you miss this manifest cut-off time, you will need to book a new slot

4. At SICTL the details of the Truck Registration and Driver are updated on arrival at the Pre-Gate Kiosk. The Manifest PIN is the unique identifier for the containers being transacted

5. It is possible and encouraged for the Driver to add transit boxes, remove unwanted containers and change discharge/load chassis positions via the DAB Kiosk, which can be accessed via the 'CHANGE' button at the Pre-Gate

6. Incorrectly manifested trucks will result in the entire visit being marked as NON SERVICE, this includes incorrect TRAILER TYPES, container positions.

7. Please ensure your Drivers understand their container positions when accepting their Manifest upon entering the Terminal, Drivers do not use your Mobile Phone whilst being loaded

8. Carriers who do not comply with the Terminal procedures will result in being Non Serviced. We do not permit passengers in vehicles at any time.

9. If you have any System issues, please capture this and send to bookings@hutchisonports.com.au

For further detail please refer to the Recieval and Delivery Guide published on TAS or contact us on 1800 472 000


12/07/2023 06:47

Att Carriers

Please be advised the Terminal has created an interface for Carriers to be able to tag containers by Road

This will assist in the Manifesting from the same ASC Block which is ideal for carriers with multiple transactions

The process for road tagging containers can be found on the TAS portal under the ABOUT tab – USER GUIDES – TAS Carrier .

We look forward to the benefits that this creates for Carriers

Thank you

Hutchison Ports


01/02/2023 10:00

Attn: Carriers

Please use TAS portal to PRA all nested containers for Hutchison Ports.

By using the TAS portal the master and slave can created and easily identified with correct total weight.


Multiple Truck Exchanges Reminder

30/08/2022 14:35

Att Carriers

To Expedite Multiple Trucks transactions in the Terminal

The Terminal will be freezing MUTLIPLE IMPORT TRUCK MANIFEST within 2 hours of the booking prior to time zone start.

If containers are in the same ASC Stack you will not be affected .

This will take effect 5.9.22 .

To Assist all carriers with multiple transaction collection there is a feature available on the ONLINE services tab to Tag all units prior to vessel arrival.

This then will consolidate your bookings into the one ASC to avoid freezing MUTLIPLE IMPORT TRUCK MANIFEST.

Thank you


Landside Requirements – ASC Blocks -A/B Doubles In...

03/08/2022 15:33

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