Attention Carriers, The following import hazardous containers are currently in the yard awaiting pick up:

ContNo OWNER BSIU9523463 COS CCLU6937211 COS CCLU7255350 COS FCIU9942523 COS TCNU4626148 COS TEMU7726238 COS TRLU8167141 COS UETU5219797 COS HLXU1259169 HLC OOLU1790674 OOL OOLU2177800 OOL OOLU8369245 OOL OOLU9921087 OOL OOLU9962070 OOL

If the units overstay the allowable time limits as governed by the Port Authority of New South Wales, relevant infringement notices will be issued. Please arrange pickup of these HAZ units as soon as possible. For more information contact or call 1800 472 000.



Attention Carriers:

Please be advised the below mention Yard Shifts will not be in Operation.

20/03/2019 - NIGHT SHIFT - 2200-0600

21/03/2019 - NIGHT SHIFT - 2200-0600

Additional shifts appointments have been allocated through out the week. Please update your schedules.


MUA Protected Industrial Action Reminder


Attention Carriers:

Please be aware the Maritime Union of Australia have advised of the commencement of protected Industrial action As noted below.


We refer to the outcome of the Protected Action Ballot B2018/1115.

Pursuant to section 414 of the Fair Work Act 2009, we notify you as follows:

All employees of Sydney International Container Terminals Pty Ltd t/a Hutchison Ports Australia Pty Ltd who will be covered by the proposed enterprise agreement, who are employed at its operations at Port Botany, and who are members of the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union - The Maritime Union of Australia Division, will engage in the following actions:

  1. An unlimited number of bans on performance of overtime for an indefinite period, commencing 6am Thursday 17 January 2019;

  2. An unlimited number of bans on performance of shift extensions for an indefinite period, commencing 6am Thursday 17 January 2019;

  3. An unlimited number of bans on shifts starting outside nominal start times for an indefinite period, commencing 6am Thursday 17 January 2019;

  4. An unlimited number of bans where work will stop for 30 minutes after each two hours ofwork performed on each shift for an indefinite period, commencing 6am Thursday 17 January 2019; and

  5. An unlimited number of bans on performance of upgrades after the shift has commenced for an indefinite period, commencing 6am Thursday 17 January 2019.

The Employee Claim Action of which you are being notified is being taken for the purpose of supporting or advancing claims made in respect of the proposed Enterprise Agreement.

During this period of Industrial unrest Hutchison Ports Australia will endeavour to minimise any delays where possible.Please plan your trips accordingly

We thank you for your Understanding.

Thank you

Hutchison Ports

Carrier / Driver Tips


Dear Carriers, to help make truck operations as smooth as possible, please note the following information

1. Manifesting from the same ASC Block is ideal where possible to avoid delays with containers having to be moved into a single block for your truck to collect

2. Avoid manifesting from a manual location and an ASC in one truck visit. If this is not possible, the earlier you can manifest the more opportunity the Terminal has to consolidate your containers to the same location

3. All manifests must be finalised 15 minutes prior to time zone start. If you miss this manifest cut-off time, you will need to book a new slot

4. At SICTL the details of the Truck Registration and Driver are updated on arrival at the Pre-Gate Kiosk. The Manifest PIN is the unique identifier for the containers being transacted

5. It is possible and encouraged for the Driver to add transit boxes, remove unwanted containers and change discharge/load chassis positions via the DAB Kiosk, which can be accessed via the 'CHANGE' button at the Pre-Gate

6. Incorrectly manifested trucks will result in the entire visit being marked as NON SERVICE, this includes incorrect TRAILER TYPES, container positions.

Please ensure your Drivers understand their container positions when accepting their Manifest upon entering the Terminal

7. Carriers who do not comply with the Terminal procedures will result in being Non Serviced. We do not permit passengers in vehicles at any time.

For further detail please refer to the Recieval and Delivery Guide published on TAS or contact us on 1800 472 000 or email

Please be advised that tariff rates will apply from Monday, April 13, 2015.

Construction Work in Landside Area


Att Carriers

Please be aware of construction work being completed in the Landside area which will commence from today for approximately 6 months.

The space available for trucks to reverse has been shortened however it is still sufficient for drivers to reverse into the ASC area .

Drivers please be Courteous to those who are in front and allow safe distances.

We Thank you for your assistance

Hutchison Ports

Driver Behaviour


ATTN All Truck Drivers / Carriers

We have come across the following in the land side driver booths : damage to screens , rubbish, food scraps and even urine/faeces in bottles..

Toilets and rubbish bins are provided at the Drivers Amenity Building USE THEM. This unhygienic behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

If you do find any issues with terminal property or equipment, please notify the yard team leader or security at the exit gate.

Remember that the terminal is under constant video surveillance and those who choose to break the rules will be dealt with accordingly.

Thanks for your support.

Hutchison Ports Sydney

Hutchison Ports Sydney – WIM Process Change


Attention Carriers/Truck Drivers,

There will a change in the Weigh in Motion process in order to meet compliance requirements.

Driver of a laden truck leaving the terminal will be required to provide additional information at WIM kiosk before ticket is printed.

Additional information includes

  • Mass limit (Truck is operating under). Possible options are: GML  (General Mass Limits), CML  (Concessional Mass Limits), HML   (Higher Mass Limits), Permit (Specific Permit)

  • Whether FUPS (Front Underrun Protection Systems) is present

  • Mass limit identifier (required for CML, HML and Permit, not required for GML)

Ensure that the Driver has the above information prior to entering the terminal.

For further information, Please refer to the Recieval & Delivery process document available in the information menu within the about tab.

Please be advised that the change will be effective from 6:30 PM on Thursday, March 8, 2018

As always, we appreciate your cooperation.


Hutchison Ports Sydney

Availability Reminder


Attention Carriers,

Please be reminded that Import containers can be collected as soon as they are showing an "in yard" location in the TAS portal and are available if impediment free. You do not need to wait for the first day of availability if the container is showing "in yard". This is especially useful for the timely collection of dangerous goods containers.

Thanks Hutchison Ports Sydney

Storage Invoices


When paying storage in 1-STOP, you should select Sydney International Container Terminal Ltd, and STORAGE.

Do not select HPA or ‘INOVICE’. This is why customers are not being serviced.

The procedures for customers paying storage is as follows: 1. Customer goes into TAS>Enquiries>Container Storage Enquiry, input the container number and pickup date to retrieve the amount to pay. 2. Customer goes into 1-STOP Company> follow screen instructions and pay. 3. When the payment confirmation comes back from 1-STOP, TAS will update the Container payment expiry date.

Thanks and Regards SICTL